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SGJ-1700 Pipe Winding Machine (20mm-63mm)

This SGJ-1700 Pipe Winding Machine is designed for 20mm-63mm HDPE Pipe production line. It can be manufactured as double working position, also can be manufactured as single position for saving cost.

Introduction of this Pipe Coiler

● This Double Station Pipe Coiler Machine is dependently designed by KAIDE company, adopted Servo Traverse Unit, to make sure the even pipe displacement and final tidy pipe coils.

● Especially suitable for HDPE Pipe Production Line 20mm-63mm, HDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine 20mm-110mm

● Equipped with "pipe end press unit“, for assisting the operator to unload and pack the final pipe coils.

● Easy to operate, controlled by Siemens PLC computer, Synchronous control with the whole line.

● With ruler on the reel and coiling disc, the inner diameter and width can be asjuted easily.

1 Model SGJ-1700
2 Reel ID Φ500mm-1700mm, or customized
3 Max.Reel OD Φ2300 mm
4 Pipe Diameter Φ16mm-63mm
5 Reel Width 370mm
6 Working Position Single or Double working position
7 Reel drive mode Torque Motor Driven
8 Traversing Unit Servo Traverse unit
9 Unloading mode Pneumatic control , shrinkable claws