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Seven Layers Oil Transportation Pipe Production Line

Seven layers Oil Transportation Pipe Production Line

1) Five layer HDPE/EVOH pipe machine and two layer PE co-extrusion machine are combined together for this special seven layer oil pipe making, based on the

technology accumulation of thousand of multi-layer pipe extrusion technology.It have achieve the

sync control and stable reliable performance.

2) High effiencicy extruder with special designed five-section screw & barrel ensures the rapid material

dispersion and stable extrusion at high speed.

3) Unique five layer co-extrusion technology makes melt material maintain a stable flow to obtain good

quality; and a more innovative technology is adopted to reduce mold cavity pressure, to reduce that

machine energy consumption.

4) Inner pipe extruder, outer pipe extruder and haul off machine are sync controlled by PLC system,

achieving that zero-error communication between machine. One touch type speed changing function

eliminate many operating obstacles, which has greatly reduced that unique pipe rate compared with

other similar products.

5) Adopted imported PLC system to realize many intelligent operations, such as multi-machine linkage, separate machine control, fault diagnosis,remove control etc. At the same time,

asvanced on line monitoring and control technologies, such as servo tracking technology, static

digital filter technology, etc...are used to ensure plasticizing quality and produced pipe awccuracy

under high speed extrusion.


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