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The CYCLONE PC made by AAS (Advanced Automation Systems Ltd)

The key advantages for the PC CYCLONE are :

  • State of the Art Flat PC, Anti-Syphon, CNL emitter technology combined with AAS production line technology

  • Appropriate for wide range of wall thicknesses and emitter spacing

  • Fits to hoses with any diameter

  • Superior clog resistant design

  • Wide and accurate water passages along the labyrinth

  • Special labyrinth design that ensures strong turbulence flow of the water

  • Self-flushing mechanism ensures non-clogging uninterrupted dripper operation

  • Excellent emission uniformity

  • Less friction losses due to the ultra slim design of the dripper

  • High UV resistant

  • Resistant to standard nutrients used in agricultural

  • Available in Drain(D), Non-Drain(ND), and Anti-Siphon(AS) options

PC emitters deliver a precise amount of water regardless of changes in pressure due to long rows or changes in terrain. They can simplify the designing of a system and greatly reduce maintenance since they rarely get plugged. Inside the emitter is a flexible diaphragm that regulates the water flow and tends to flush particles from the system (self-flushing).

Where can be used. One is when the elevation of the irrigation area varies . They are especially helpful where the system is installed on either a slope or through a low-lying area.

The other condition is when you are wanting to extend an irrigation system design past its standard limitations, such as wanting to use a longer length of drip tubing than is recommended, or adding larger numbers of emitters to one line.

· Anti-Siphon mechanism: Prevents contaminants from being drawn into the dripper. The anti-siphon feature is designed to stop siphonage and the chance of soil particles being “sucked” into the emitter outlet. Its pressure compensating ability makes it suitable for use in steep or undulating situations or where longer run lengths need to be achieved.

· Non Draining Drippers do not let the system drain out once the water supply has been turned off. This helps you give exact amounts of water to every plant. Normal drippers will allow water to drain out at the lowest point in the system giving more water to either the lowest plants or the last plants on a line. This becomes even more pronounced if you have a green house with irrigation lines run above the plants, all that water in the lines will drain out if not stopped. These style drippers will do just that. Upon the water being turned off they will close up once the pressure within the system lowers to a certain point and they will be rated to hold back a certain factor of water column.

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